Art Mandala Dot Tealight

Art Mandala Dot Tealight

Art Mandala Dot Tealight

Course Description

Step into the tranquil world of Dot Mandalas, painting a wooden Tea light holder:
• Specially designed for beginners aged 10 and above.
• Engage in a transformative four-hour session, embracing therapeutic mindfulness and unleashing boundless creativity.
• Receive guidance on dotting techniques and create harmonious art using different colour combinations and dotting styles.
• Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere, enhanced by soft melodies of Hare Krishna kirtan.
• Every dot is meticulously placed, yielding a truly unique piece ideal for home decor or thoughtful gifting.
• Illuminate your space with mindfulness, elevating your ambiance with the exquisite beauty of art.

What Are Mandala’s
Dot Mandalas are a form of mandala art created by using dots to form intricate patterns and designs. Mandala, a Sanskrit word is a symbolic representation of the universe in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Dot Mandala art involves placing dots of various sizes and colours on a surface, usually in concentric circles, to create visually stunning and harmonious designs. These creations are not only aesthetically pleasing but also have therapeutic benefits, as they promote mindfulness, relaxation, and focus during the creative process.

What You’ll Learn and Take Home:

  • Learn dotting skills and techniques.
  • Craft stunning dot mandalas reflecting your creativity.
  • Take home a exquisite handcrafted treasure, infused with meditative vibrations.
  • Experience heightened mindfulness through dotting,
  • Fostering relaxation and mental clarity.

Students to bring the following to each session:

  • Two empty glass Jar for water & tools
  • 100 Wet wipes (unfragraced)
  • 100 Cotton buds
  • Tissues
  • Masking tape
  • Full compass set, ruler, rubber, protractor, pencil, sharpener
  • Sketch Pad
  • Students must bring a shoebox to session to transport their artwork between class and home.

Come join us on an artistic journey where we explore the delicate beauty that unites to create a meaningful impact through our creative expression.

There is a minimum age limit of 10 years for this particular course.

** Only 19 spaces available **

Teacher Bio

Formerly an accountant, working for multinational corporations, working extremely hard, Prity did not realise the impact it was having on her health, until one day it came to a head requiring an emergency procedure that inadvertently saved Prity’s life. During this period, when she was listening to spiritual music, Prity stumbled upon this beautiful art. It reawakened her passion for art which she had from her early life up to her late teens.

Prity’s mission is to create and teach masterful works of handmade original mandala art. Each piece is lovingly crafted against the backdrop of the Maha Mantra that offers love, inspiration, peace, happiness, and joy.

Her art can be found online: &

We look forward to seeing you.

Date19 October
Duration1 Session
Time11am to 3pm
Course Fee£39
ModeOnsite at the Manor
RoomNitai room

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