Science of Self Realisation

Science of Self Realisation

Dive into the profound teachings of Srila Prabhupada with our course, “Science of Self Realisation”. This transformative journey encompasses interviews, lectures, essays, and letters, guiding participants through the practical aspects of bhakti yoga in the contemporary world. Explore topics such as karma, reincarnation, superconsciousness, choosing a guru, the convergence of Krsna and Christ, and spiritual solutions to address today’s social and economic challenges. Join us in decoding the timeless wisdom that illuminates the path to a more conscious and fulfilling life.

The 3 sessions are thought-provoking and interactive. Each class is recorded and the audio and slides are sent out, so even if you cannot attend all 3 sessions in person, you have time to listen and catch up in your own time.

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Provision of course material:

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Date7 Apr – 21 Apr
Duration3 sessions (Sundays only)
Time2pm – 4pm
Event Fee£39
ModeOnsite and Online (Zoom)
TeacherNiskincana Das

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