Vacancy: Devotee Care Director (Devotee Care Office)

Vacancy: Devotee Care Director (Devotee Care Office)

Key responsibilities:

To provide pastoral care and spiritual counselling to the devotees at IBM including:

  • Residential Devotees
  • Employed Staff Devotees
  • Community of Devotees
  • Congregation for example Sanga Groups


  • 3 Month Trial Period
  • Office space shall be provided.
  • The DCO needs a certain level of freedom to provide support to devotees similar to the CPO and Ombuds – where it is under authority but also able to speak independently in favour of the remit it has, in this case Devotee care, without being squashed or compromised by the authority structure, this would be granted.
  • To attend a minimum of 3 morning programs a week
  • Accountable to Temple President, chair of Senior Management
  • Establish a strategic plan of systematic Devotee care.

Location: Hare Krishna Temple, Bhaktivedanta Manor, Hilfield Lane, Watford WD25 8EZ
Hours: 35 hours per week

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