Vacancy: Temple Manager

Vacancy: Temple Manager

Here at Bhaktivedanta Manor we are looking for a confident and keen Temple Manager candidate to join a robust and dynamic team with skills of excellence.

The temple is a place established for the worship of our Deities and for the active cultivation and distribution of Krishna Consciousness, as taught by Srila Prabhupada. The temple is also a home to our residential devotees. As a member of the Senior Management Team. The manager is to wholeheartedly pursue fulfilling the objectives of the temple by performing service with enthusiasm, care and attention.

Key responsibilities:

  1. To work alongside the Haveli Venue Director on strategy & implementation of migration of departments into the Haveli & restructuring areas within the main building & improvements in the Haveli
  2. Attend & Action items from Senior Management Team weekly meetings
  3. Oversee & implement internal temple festivals
  4. Temple Council
  5. Estate Security.
  6. Representation on the Public Festival Committee.

Operational Delivery within the Role

  • Properly managing the temple festivals.
  • Keeping regular and clear communications with the Temple President and the Managing Director.

Maintaining High Levels of Cleanliness:

  • It is of the utmost importance that all areas of the temple are kept at a high level of cleanliness as per the desire of Srila Prabhupada and its value in connection to our spiritual lives. The temple is also open to the public all year round and thus it should be in “show piece” condition around the clock.
  • The areas are herein listed according to property:
    • Temple room, main entrance and reception.
    • Prasadam hall and all ground floor area including stairs.
    • 1st floor public areas.
    • Walkways from both car parks into the tarmac area circling the temple area at the rear of the kitchen.
    • The original 17 acre site.
  • The cleaning activities within the temple will be carried out by the Temple Commander and his team of helpers. The immediate grounds around the temple and the car parks are the responsibility of the Head GroundsMan and crew. Holland farm is taken care of by the Farm Manager in cooperation with the farmers

Ensuring daily services at the temple go on efficiently:

  • The Guest program has a coordinator known as the guest master and policies that govern the service that it provides. The Temple Manager is responsible to see that the guest master is functioning properly and the policies are updated as required. In exceptional circumstances where the need arises, the Temple Manager may direct the guest master to act outside of the policy in taking care of the guests (i.e. an important guest stays more than the three days and not performing service or paying for the facility).

Properly managing the temple festivals:

  • The Temple Manager must sit on the project festival committee which is a committee formed by the patron council to facilitate the running of the six major festivals at the temple.
  • All the other festivals are the manager’s direct responsibility to organize in collaboration with the Temple President and the internal festival committee.

Keeping regular and clear communications with the Temple President:

  • The Temple Manager must meet with the Temple President each Monday at 10:00 am. This once a week is the minimum standard and it should be understood that the Manager has direct access to the President at any time and as the Temple Manager, his concerns are a priority for the Temple President.

Being completely responsible for the Temple Commander:

  • The Temple Commander is fully accountable to the Temple Manager; he/she is the hands-on person through whom the manager runs the daily services at the temple.

Further responsibilities:

  • Work in collaboration with ashram heads and guest master to be attentive to travel arrangements and accommodations of Sanyasis and Senior devotees visiting the temple.
  • Directly oversee the Estate Security
  • To participate in EDC meetings, Senior managers Meetings, Temple Management Team (TMT).
  • To ensure that sufficient manpower is allocated to each temple Dept.

Location: Hare Krishna Temple, Bhaktivedanta Manor, Hilfield Lane, Watford WD25 8EZ 

Hours: 35 hours per 

If you are up for the challenge, get in touch by 30 November 2023