Nitya Seva – Worship on your behalf

Worship of Lord Krishna at Bhaktivedanta Manor attracts thousands of devotees.  They come before the altar where Lord Krishna stands playing the flute, with His consort Srimati Radharani at His side. Devotees sing melodious songs in praise of Krishna.  The visiting pilgrims feel calm and free from anxiety.  They are happy to be with their Lord in His home.  The tranquil, serene atmosphere evokes a mood of devotion.  Devotees daily come to offer their homage, respect and to thank their Lord with a simple prayer: “Please let us serve You.”

Daily the Lord is bathed and adorned with new outfits, flowers and garlands.  Many wonderful food preparations cooked with love and devotion, are offered six times a day.  Aratis (ceremonies of worship) complete an important spiritual experience.

In order to assist this worship, people bring flowers, fruits, vegetables and many other offerings.  It is important for us to secure this service of the Lord – now and forever more.  Here is a unique service you and your family can participate in.  You can choose a special day of your choice, maybe the birthday of your child, your wedding anniversary or in loving memory of a dear relative – and on this day, the offerings, puja and worship will be performed on your behalf.

For this offering of Nitya Seva (eternal service), each family offers a one-time donation of £2501.  The annual interest of this donation will be used to make your offering to the Lord on your chosen day.  It will remain in the fixed deposit account – ‘The Nitya Seva Fund’, and solely finance the puja of Lord Krishna in the temple.  This will be your nitya seva – your continual, uninterrupted service to the Lord.

On the day of your offering, we will have a display with your name and prayer and a picture.  Your family will be invited to come and observe the arati ceremony, after which you will receive the mahaprasadam (sanctified food) of the Lord.  This direct service to the deities is of eternal benefit to you and your family.  We wish this wonderful fortune upon you. There can be multiple Nitya Sevas on a day.

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