Food Items

Food Items

Food items needed in our kitchens

Ghee (cow ghee)


Dal – mung Dal, toor Dal

Oils – sunflower oil, olive oil,

Semolina / Suji (coarse)

Spices – Jeera (cumin), mustard, sesame seeds, Black pepper,

Nuts – Cashew, Peanuts

Dried Fruits

Items not needed

Atta/Flour – We have too much stock

Rice (basmati) – We have too much stock


Masoor / Black Urad dal

Margarine / vegetable ghee


Frequently asked questions

One of the most important and pleasing forms of giving is annadan, the sharing of food with others. It is part of one’s duty (dharma) to offer food to others. To feed devotees prasadam is an auspicious activity and one gets immeasurable spiritual benefit by feeding others.