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Krishna Club

Children are guardians of the culture and religious practice of the future. Hence, at Krishna Club, our goal is to equip them with a strong foundation of Krishna Consciousness while establishing a strong sense of identity spiritually, morally and academically.

We provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment that attempts to motivate children to learn more about Lord Krishna. We aim to help children develop Vaishnava qualities in the like of respect, humility and appreciation of others. We also actively encourage parental participation through events, hence providing them an opportunity to serve.

Krishna Club has been providing providing a balanced system of Krishna Conscious education for 4–14 year olds in a fun and informative way every week since 1994.

Classes run on Sundays from

  • 9:30am – 11:00am

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    The preschool

    The Manor Pre-school has its own premises – bright, airy and welcoming. 

    The teachers are committed to nuture and support children in all aspects of their development. Staff have a sound knowledge of health and safety issues including child protection and behaviour management.

    The gurukula primary school

    At the gurukula, a love of learning is encouraged in a caring atmosphere that helps build the children’s self-esteem so they can grow as confident and positive individuals of good character. They are taught to reflect on their experiences and become aware of themselves, their relationships with others and the world around them, with respect and an understanding towards all religions.

    The children enjoy a balanced mix of yoga, games, swimming, dance and movement, all of which help develop their health and interpersonal skills to promote self-confidence and teamwork. Small class sizes make for a strong academic foundation built on a blend of traditional and modern methods with a range of stimulating activities. Priority is given to reading and writing, music, group singing and performing arts.


    Avanti Trust

    The idea for Avanti began in 2003 and their first school was opened in 2008. The vision was for there to be a family of schools based upon the core principles of educational excellence, character formation, and spiritual insight. There are now over 4,900 students and 700 members of staff across their family of 12 schools (primary and secondary) across the country.

    If you need to get your school application form signed, then please connect with our office at or 01923851008

    Child Safety

    The safety of our children is very important. If you have any concerns regarding safeguarding please contact our Child Protection Officer, Daksina Devi Dasi at