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Bhaktivedanta Manor is a spiritual sanctuary and an educational hub. It does not matter what background you are from or how much you know about philosophy, yoga or meditation, we have a plethora of experiences for you to get involved in. Ranging from one day courses, regular Mind Body Soul events, weekend retreats, monk challenges to long getaways, we’ve got it all! To make this journey easy, we will plan and invite you to events that are right just for you!

Mystic India 2024 – The Himalayan Adventure

Valley of flowers

A mystical adventure for the spiritual seeker

Did you ever want to go to the Himalayas? And maybe try some trekking, but not quite up the Everest? And at the same time, visit some of the most spiritual places in India? Oh, and also make great friends, do some yoga and meditation and not worry about any planning? Oh yeah, and also something that doesn’t cost you a fortune?

OK, here we go then. The long awaited fifth Mystic India trip is here! And this one promises to be the adventure of a lifetime. If you’ve thought about going to the Himalayas for a trek into the mountains, see some of the most beautiful places on Earth, and at the same time make it a spiritual adventure, this is the trip for you.

Welcome to the Mystic India club! On this journey you will experience the cultural and spiritual roots of some of the oldest traditions in the world. We don’t go to the usual touristy places, but rather on the real adventure off the beaten track so you can see India inside out. The trip is fun with a healthy balance of experiences, luxury and adventure. You’ll stay in 3-5 star hotels at night, but during the day we’ll go all out on some breath-taking experiences.

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Take the ‘Be a Monk’ challenge

Spend seven days at the Manor away from everyday distractions and have an experience of a lifetime! Learn philosophy, meditation and get to live a spiritual lifestyle for a week with the monks! This challenge is available for both men and women. Select the option in the form below and we’ll be in touch when the next one is coming.


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Events and retreats

Are you curious, but are not sure what to expect? Or maybe you are a seeker of wisdom but the Krishna tradition and culture is new to you?

We organise weekly and monthly events and retreats that allow you to learn, grow and get involved in a non-judgemental environment. They’re light hearted and fun too. All you need to do is sign up to the mailing list and we will send you an invitation  when we have these events.

  • Mind Body Soul

    A weekly event with music and meditation, spiritual wisdom, and a vegetarian meal. It’s fun, light hearted, and will keep you coming back for more every week!

  • Soul Expressions

    A once a month event featuring various music bands performing ‘kirtan’ or mantra meditation, interlaced with stories, jokes and philosophy. A spiritual night out!

  • Yoga retreats

    A day retreat featuring yoga, pranayama, meditation, sound baths, wisdom and a vegetarian meal. A great treat especially if you want to do yoga with a spiritual twist!

  • The simple retreat

    Go back to a simple lifestyle! Leave your phones and gadgets and spend a day or a camping weekend and experience organic farming, brushing and milking cows and be in tune with nature!

  • Weekend getaways

    Take a break from the day to day hustle and bustle one of our retreats for a few days and go deep into spiritual practices, meditation, art workshops, Ayurveda seminars and a lot more!

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