Projects for Youth

ISKCON Pandava Sena is Bhaktivedanta Manor’s primary youth project – for more information and to see how you can get involved, see below.

About ISKCON Pandava Sena

ISKCON Pandava Sena is the official youth group of Bhaktivedanta Manor.

Pandava Sena is a global youth organisation aimed at making spirituality (specifically Vedic wisdom) more relevant and practical to the 21st century, for a life less ordinary. The community ranges from famous speakers, to doctors, monks, traders and chefs – all connected by one thing: a desire to get out of the rat race and find something higher (and have some fun along the way…)

The group started back in 1993, when the Manor was on the verge of being closed for public access. The enthusiastic youth of the temple drove an international campaign to keep the Manor open and ever since have been changing the lives of young people by igniting a spiritual revolution. They host international trips, university programmes, socials, festivals and so much more.

Get involved

See below for a list of regular events that you could partake in.

Every Sunday we host an interactive event at the manor with amazing speakers and exciting games for our youth (11-21), so please join us by contacting us and coming to our Sunday Night events at the manor. It might just change your life…

Gopinath: +44 7716 455116 Sharanyah: +44 7412 950333

Made for your Friday nights: fortnightly events spent eating, discussing and laughing with like minded people. You won’t believe us until you try it out…

Join us also for socials, summer trips and much more!

Gopinath: +44 7716 455116 Sharanyah: +44 7412 950333

Contact Krishna Caitanya: +44 7425 714350 for more details

Contact Deven: +44 7490 956355 for more details

Contact Anuj: +44 7456 846946 for more details

University is said to be a time of self discovery and KCSOC is tailored to achieve that. We have societies across the country giving students a breath of fresh air, through discussing life’s big questions, questions which many of us breeze past. We offer fortnightly events, a mentoring system, weekend retreats and an amazing summer trip!

Pulkit:+44 7445 878270

Weekly Harinam (Street Kirtan) every Saturday 12pm-4pm – going to various local areas to share Krishna consciousness with the general public.

If you like to get involved, you can join their WhatsApp Group or you can follow them on Instagram for updates.