We are seeing the need to further develop ISKCON’s outreach. It’s a gap we all need to take responsibility for and help fill. We have begun to try new things which have the potential to change what Hare Krishna means to the average person and how they engage with Krishna consciousness. Srila Prabhupada said that the next step in ISKCON’s development was restaurants – so we started one in London. And like in the old days when there was Chaitanya College, a residential retreat place working hand-in-glove with the Manor and Soho Street, we also need a retreat centre where people who come in contact with KC through books, events, courses and restaurants, can go to take their next step in their spiritual journey. 

We now have a large donation that will allow us to purchase a retreat centre. BUT, we need your help: we need more than £100,000 per year to safeguard and grow these strategically critical outreach projects. Until our projects are making surpluses, we can’t plan for future development without this. We want to get our current restaurant safely through this difficult period and create at least one more equivalent (restaurants with outreach centres) in every major city and several more in London. We also want the Retreat Centre to be the country’s leading residential training and event destination for spiritual seekers. 

We are looking for individuals who will pledge either £1,000, £2,500 or £5,000 per year to join our Outreach Patron Programme so that we can create this ground-breaking outreach platform and make a real difference to the spiritual lives of the people of this country. This is an annual commitment which we hope you will keep renewing as you see the results.

So far, almost all our funding has relied on a very small group of individuals giving a lot. For our outreach to really flourish in the way Srila Prabhupada desired, we need everyone to contribute at least a small amount. We need you to help by becoming an Outreach Patron.  

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About Gift Aid

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