Shraddha 2023 – 7 Oct – 11:30 am

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Shraddha is a time for expressing our love and gratitude to our departed family members by making offerings to help them on their onward journey.

Shraddha lasts for one fortnight from the beginning of the lunar month of Ashwin, which this years falls from the 29th September until the 14th October inclusive.

The ceremony will be led by a priest consisting of

Sankalpa, Pitri Tarpana (offering of Water to ancestors ) & Go Puja / feeding of the cows.

Location: Bhaktivedanta Manor Haveli, Hilfield Lane, Watford, WD25 8DT

Please only book tickets if you are attending in person at Bhaktivedanta Manor. 

What you need to bring

  • Kalash (water pot) medium size (700ml)
  • Bowl (wide mouth with capacity of 2 litres)
  • Upto 2 litres of water (bottled)
  • 1 bunch of flowers (white and yellow only)
  • A mat / blanket to sit on
  • A self standing framed picture (size A4/A5) of the departed family member(s) we are offering puja for
  • Please remember the full names of all the departed souls you will be offering sraddha and up to three generations of your family members. please download this sheet and fill all the names. (

There is no cost for this ceremony.

To get full benefit of this ceremony it is advised that one feed the vaishnavas in memory of the departed. Please choose the amount you would like to donate at the bottom which will go towards the prasad seva on your puja day.

7 October 2023, 11:30 through 13:30
Haveli - BMF
International Society Krishna Consciousness
Bhaktivedanta Manor
Dharam Marg
WD25 8DT
United Kingdom
Mobile: 01923851008
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Donation £ 51.00
Donation £ 108.00
Donation £ 251.00
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Donation £ 501.00
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