Magic of Friendships

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Magic of Friendships

Date: Saturday 5th February 2022 ~ Saturday 5th March 2022 

Time: 10:00AM - 11:30AM GMT

Location: Online Zoom.

Course description:

Do you have numerous friends on social media, but hardly any genuine, deep relationships in real life?

Have you been hurt and let down by a friend…not understanding how she or he could hurt you like that?

These and similar questions have now become a part and parcel of our lives. Today, more than ever, friendship has become ever so important than any other relationship. The warmth and companionship that a good friend can provide is unmatched and each one of us craves for that special friend with whom we can open our heart and mind or seek help in troubled times. But not all of us are that lucky! In this uniquely presented course, you will cover:

  • The step-ladder process to help you forge deeper and meaningful friendships
  • How to prepare yourself to be a good friend and have successful relationships
  • How empathy binds people together and how to overcome a self-centred mindset
  • Ways to ward off negative energies in relationships
  • Self-acceptance and saving yourself from the pitfalls of low self-respect and depression

In this 5 part course, Shubha Vilas discusses, in a simple and straight-forward manner, the magic of friendships!

You may also read more on this subject matter in Shubha Vilas Das’s book which is available on Amazon by clicking here.

Teacher Profile

Shubha Vilas is a Tedx speaker, lifestyle coach, storyteller and a prominent author. He studied patent law after completing his engineering degree but was quickly inspired to tread the path of a spiritual seeker.

After 11 years living the life of a monk, he set out on a mission to fulfill the goal of his life. He considers the whole world his home and works with Individuals, Youth, Corporates, Institutes, and Governments around the world through exclusive workshops, seminars, training modules, and learning retreats. The focus of his work is the application of scriptural wisdom in day-to-day living, addressing the needs of everyone via thought-provoking transformational seminars. He has delivered more than 4000 lectures across the globe. He is also a visiting faculty at several premiere Management schools across India including the Indian Institute of Management where he teaches courses on leadership based on epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

As an author, writing books is an extension of his deep knowledge and sense of responsibility towards society. He began with the monumental task of writing a series of books on Ramayana. Since then he’s written best sellers in succession on a wide range of subjects. Apart from his book series ‘Ramayana - The Game of Life’, he has also authored the best-seller ‘Open-Eyed Meditations’ and Perfect Love - 5.5 ways to lasting relationships.

To find out more about him, visit

5 February 2022, 10:00 to 5 March 2022, 11:30
School of Bhakti - Online
United Kingdom
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Per Person £20.00
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