Courses on philosophy

Courses on philosophy

Are you a spiritual seeker?

School of Bhakti is a unique educational hub and vibrant community that hosts a variety of courses, events and retreats to help you on your spiritual path.

School of Bhakti delivers a universal spirituality rooted in the Krishna tradition of Bhakti-yoga, and based on the writings of A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Bhakti, the culmination of all yoga practice, is the devotional awakening that allows for the perfect expression of love. This inspired consciousness infuses one with deep purpose, courageous spirit, and most importantly, a connection with the divine that unleashes joy and fulfilment within every individual.

Our recommended courses

Whether you are a newbie to philosophy or can defeat Socrates in a debate, there’s something for everyone here. Have a look at our featured and most popular offerings and join one now!

Fun ways to learn

We understand that learning philosophy is not always an easy task. But at the School of Bhakti, our students can’t wait to dig their teeth into some philosophy. We make it fun, accessible, and a unique educational experience. With experienced and passionate teachers and an engaging community, you’ll never want to leave!


We believe all problems in life have a spiritual solution. Hence, our courses are not just educational, but also practical with lessons extracted from ancient Vedic texts to modern science.


Go beyond the classroom with weekly music, mantra and meditation events, yoga retreats, immersive spiritual wellbeing retreats and fun getaways. Be ready to imbibe this wisdom deep within.


Once you’ve done a course, you’ll be able to join a level 1,2, or 3 community group to go deeper on a wholesome level, make friends with similar interests and get involved on a practical level.

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Some great reviews

We try to make sure our students get the best experience and learning opportunities. Have a look at what some of our students are saying

Meet the team

We have a dedicated team of teachers, designers and philosophers who make things happen. A lot of them are volunteers too. Here are some who serve relentlessly almost everyday

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