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Veda Course

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The Vedas

The timeless Vedas....The eternal scriptures that have spawned inumureable civilisations from time immemorial.

A body of knowledge that has provided us the most essential sciences and disciplines of this world. And most importantly sacred revelations that has gifted us the most comprehensive spiritual traditions known to humanity that can empower all of us to connect with the divine and rise beyond our limitations 
Often an enigma, often misunderstood and hardly quite grasped.

Now with the Veda course, in 4 exciting sessions you'll have the opportunity to undertake a brief but insightful tour of the main structure, themes and  concepts pertaining to these wonderful scriptures. 

Is there an origin to the Vedas ? What role do great histories like Ramayana and Mahabharat play in the canon of Vedic literature? 

We often hear terms like the soul, Dharma, Karma, reincarnation but what do they actually mean and how do they impact on our lives. The Veda course will look at all this and enlighten us on the nature of life. It'll give tools to navigate the challenges that life brings and help us to develop more substantial relationships with each other, ourselves and the divine. And ultimately access  a deeper happiness and value in our precious lives.

In the process you'll find out the purpose of the Vedas and most importantly your own purpose, direction and mission.

So join the 500+ people who have attended the Veda Course with us on this beautiful adventure and sign up now. An opportunity not to be missed. Hare Krishna!

When: Sunday 10th March - 31st March 2024, 4pm - 6pm UK GMT. 

Duration: 4 sessions 

Where: Onsite: Shree Krishna Haveli, Bhaktivedanta Manor, Dharam Marg, Hilfield Lane, Watford, WD25 8HE

We look forward to seeing you. 

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