Bhakti Vriksha

Developing our Tree of Devotion

Are you seeking answers to the big questions of life? Would you like to find a real sense of purpose? Are you interested in connecting with everyone around you on a deeper level? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then Bhakti Vriksha might be exactly what you need.

Bhakti Vriksha

Inquisitive folks often come to Bhaktivedanta Manor in search of answers, and the Bhakti Vriksha programme, which was launched in January 2017, takes such spiritual seekers through a systematic journey according to their level of understanding and interest. To paraphrase recent feedback from Bhakti Vriksha members, the programme provides a well-thought-out structure for spiritual progression, as well as personal guidance and positive engagement, all of which allows one to find a meaningful purpose in life.

Frequently asked questions

The Sanskrit words bhakti and vriksha mean “devotion” and “tree” respectively, so Bhakti Vriksha literally means “tree of devotion.”

The tree signifies that although we come from many different walks of life, we all have common roots – the aim of Bhakti Vriksha is to understand those roots through spiritual learning and practice in three key areas:

  • Knowledge (What to practise, and why)
  • Skills (How to practise)
  • Values (What is right)

Meeting every week in small, informal and interactive groups, Bhakti Vriksha members are taken through a structured curriculum covering various aspects of spiritual life. Each session explores a specific topic, pulls out key lessons from that topic, and explains how to practically apply those lessons in day-to-day life. In order to continually develop and enrich the spiritual understanding of members, they are taken through different levels supported by guided study of key bhakti texts such as the Bhagavad Gita. This progression is achieved through a variety of mediums, including group discussions, quizzes, presentations, retreats and day picnics. Each Bhakti Vriksha group also has a friendly personal guide who is there to provide support and encouragement.

Our actions determine our daily habits, which in turn determine how we shape our lives. With this in mind, Bhakti Vriksha members are guided to seek constructive association and opportunities that ultimately transform the way they go through their day. Particularly during difficult times, the presence of our dedicated care team is a blessing – they support the individual by listening to their challenges thoroughly and devising potential solutions.

Globally, Bhakti Vriksha has been running for the last 20 years and has been successfully implemented in many parts of the world, such as the Middle East, India, Australia, UK, USA and Russia. The universal nature, versatility and diversity of Bhakti Vriksha, as well as the practical experience that it offers, means that it will be very valuable for future generations of spiritual seekers. In a world fatigued by material passions and now turning towards deeper solutions, Bhakti Vriksha will find a place in every home and heart. Through its simple yet sacred teachings, it will continue to attract and benefit the populace, giving them abundant practical opportunities to reconnect with their spiritual roots.

You can start your journey by hopping in to a series of taster sessions lasting up to 8-weeks (2 hours per week) and then review from there. Groups are limited to 20 people. If you’re interested, please email: for more information or use the form on this page.

If you wish to know more about Bhakti Vriksha, please get in touch with our lovely, dedicated team of Bhakti Vriksha Ambassadors. You can also email if you wish to join any of our existing groups.

Mayank Badoni
My name is Mayank, and I’m a scientist trying to serve the community. I joined Bhakti Vriksha in 2018, and have seen a major positive shift in the quality of my material and spiritual life since then. Bhakti Vriksha is meant to enable everyone to engage in spiritual activities, and provides positive association and community support. I’m here to help, so that we can take this beautiful journey together. If you have any questions, please email me at

Snehal Thakar
My name is Snehal, and I’m an IT professional who has been part of Bhakti Vriksha for over 3 years. An essential part of spiritual growth comes in the form of positive association, and the Bhakti Vriksha programme is the perfect platform from which to gain that association. Since joining my Bhakti Vriksha group, numerous doors have been opened for me to get more involved in spiritual practices, learn from the scriptures, and make great new friends (which I call my Bhakti Vriksha family). It has helped me focus on progressing on the wonderful spiritual path that is available to all of us. Please come and join us on this journey. For a friendly chat regarding how you can get involved, please contact me at

Madan Srinivasan
My name is Madan, and I work in Human Resources. I joined a Bhakti Vriksha group in 2019. Being immensely attracted by the wonderful association and deep, meaningful discussions, I became a group facilitator in 2021, and I feel very grateful to be able to serve other spiritual seekers in this way. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at

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