Celebrating 50 years of Bhaktivedanta Manor

The last 50 years have been a journey of sacrifice and surrender, but devotion to Radha Gokulananda has always remained front and centre, and this has allowed Bhaktivedanta Manor, a spiritual home to so many, to thrive and expand. When we were told that the Manor had to cease all public worship, devotees across the country successfully campaigned to keep this much-loved spiritual haven open. We have seen the growth of public festivals such as Sri Krishna Janmashtami, which started with 250 people celebrating on the front lawn and now hosts over 60,000 individuals attending the blissful festivities. Now, having created a purpose-built facility in the Sri Krishna Haveli, Bhaktivedanta Manor continues to be a home of spiritual opportunity with a thriving community. We look back with gratitude to every one of you who has contributed and continues to contribute to the community and the service of Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda.

During this auspicious year, we have a range of events, offerings and opportunities planned for everyone connected with Bhaktivedanta Manor, so please join us as we celebrate. The 50th anniversary is a once in a lifetime occasion, so we also invite you to consider your own personal offering to Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda. Get involved via the link below: