Svayam Bhagavan Keshava Swami


Born in the suburbs of London, maharaj was a talented cricket player growing up and was even picked for trials to play at County level. But destiny took him on a different course when at the age of sixteen, he was given a Bhagavad Gita by a Hare Krishna monk. The search for spiritual bliss took hold of him and never let go.

After graduating from UCL in information management over 2 decades ago, he spent six months travelling in India and then swiftly joined the Bhaktivedanta Manor temple afterwards. Donning the saffron robes of a monk, he became one of the pioneers in modernising and raising the standards of the Bhaktivedanta Manor monastery and is now one of the strongest leaders in the UK Vaishnava |(followers of Krishna) community. His main motivation behind these achievements is to help people find Krishna, find themselves and find their purpose in spirituality.

Over the last ten years, he has also established himself as a prolific author of contemporary Krishna conscious literature. He also started up the School of Bhakti and teaches various courses in the School and is particularly fond of delving into the sacred scriptures. One of his great inspirations in life is the great Vaishnava Saint and poet, Sri Narottama Das Thakur who mentions in a famous poem, that “To serve in the association and live in the association of devotees – that is my only desire!”

Many would appreciate this sentiment, but maharaj has made it his reality. He accepted the order of sannyasa or renunciate life in 2022 and although is based at the Manor, now travels around the world sharing his wisdom.