The passing of a dear cow

On Monday 10th January one of our dear most cows Godavari Passed away
A message from the Chief Herdsman of Bhaktivedanta Manor’s New Gokul, Jay Krishna das:
“She was our oldest cow here at the Manor’s New Gokul farm. Born on 24th November 1997, she passed away at the very ripe age of 24 years. 
“Godavari was very much  seen as the grandmother of the herd and it was clear to us that she truly cared and looked over the other cows, and bulls, with great affection. All the cows had a respect for her that was very clear to see. Although she was ripe in age, she was a strong character who would look out for those more vulnerable. She was ever so gentle with us all and would take much delight in overseeing  the other cows and bulls getting their fair share of food when someone would come to treat them with various vegetables.
“I feel its only right for me to emphasise how regarded and loved Godavari was in the farm. She had many fond-followers who would regularly make a special effort to come to see her and serve her in some way. 
“By Lord Krishnas grace, Godavari had a very easy passing. She laid down Sunday 9th Jan 2021 afternoon and was reluctant to stand again. The next day she laid calmly on her side and closed her eyes. At 19:07, she took her last breath in the presence of devotees chanting Hare Krishna after having dust from the Holy Dharmas placed onto her head. A truly auspicious passing!
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