Nrsimha Caturdasi: The Right Way to get Angry

Nrsimha Caturdasi: The Right Way to get Angry

By S.B. Keshava Swami |

The Divine appears in many Avatars. Each one has a unique personality, specific mission and particular flavour! Just as we have many aspects to our personality which are displayed in different relationships and circumstances… the Supreme Person is no different!

As we celebrate the descent of Krishna as Nrsimhadeva – the Half-Man Half-Lion Incarnation. The mood of this avatar is absolutely clear cut – Nrsimhadeva stands for TRANSCENDENTAL ANGER. This most ferocious form rescues His devotee Prahlada. Did you know there is a right way to get angry? Most people don’t know that spiritual art. Here are five signs of spiritual anger:

– Anger based on selflessness, free of ego or pride

– Anger without grudge, incorporating forgiveness

– Anger that doesn’t impair intelligence & discrimination

– Anger that preserves higher values and principles

– Anger which inspires and elevates others

Next time you get angry do a check… and next time you see Nrsimhadeva, pray for the power to get angry in the right way!