Volunteers Galore!

Volunteers Galore!

Easter Retreat

Over 100 adults and children attended the annual Volunteers Easter Retreat in the new beautiful Vedanta mansion in Lincolnshire.

Through the worship, classes, seminars and workshops,  some volunteers declared  that they felt they had gone to the holy places like Vrindavan and Mayapur in India.

They were fortunate with the weather, and  had lots of fun as they played team games  and sports whilst cementing relationships.

Seva Days on the farm

Families from the Vallabh Youth Organisation came to the Manor’s Holland Farm, for  ‘Mother’s Day seva’.

One  team planted 50kg of potatoes, performed with enthusiasm ,  and another team prepared the soil by digging it up and removing weeds. It was hard work, but they were really dedicated and cleared a large space, ready for planting.

Other teams sowed over 1000 pots of spinach and 300 pots of lemon grass which the cows love!

Soon afterwards, teams from the Sandipani UK Parivar also did valuable services on the farm.

Vanaprastha Sanga public chanting:

The Vanaprastha sanga group went out for Harinam chanting in Watford . Some devotees attended for the first time and were so enthused they would like to go more often.