Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms

Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms

Participants on the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms scheme (WWOOFers)   travel to Bhaktivedanta Manor from far away, stay for a few weeks in the caravans and offer hundreds of hours of voluntary services at the Manor’s horticultural department.  They travel across different part of the world to experience life at the organic farms and sample local cultures. After two quiet years, the farm is seeing an upsurge in Woofers arriving from Latin America, to Europe and across the UK.

A lot of them are already attracted to natural living and are easily get fascinated with temple activities, and almost always fall in love with Krishna prasadam! Some of them attend morning programs and some even move over to ashram to try out the ‘monk lifestyle’.

They are a huge help over the summer times at the peak season for our horticulture project. The Manor’s horticultural department has a capacity to host up to 16 Woofers within our caravans and in the past as many as 60 have been onsite staying in tents!

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