Another calf born at the Farm

Another calf born at the Farm

We are happy to welcome yet another baby boy in the Goshala (New Gokul Farm). At around 2:50pm on the 17 January 2023, Gita gave birth to a healthy baby boy calf, who joins an extensive family tree here at Bhaktivedanta Manor.

Both his Grand Parents, Gangotri and Govinda, as well as his Great Grandmother, Aditi are here to keep an eye over him. He also has his Aunties, Vrndavani and Sitadevi, along with his Uncle Bhima nearby to offer him guidance and supervision. His cousin, Anasuya, will be able to show him the ropes and his father, Hari will keep him in check.

There is a lot of energy in the Farm right now with a host of new calves born over the last months. They have all developed clearly visible friendships together which will last throughout their lifetime.

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