IQ EQ SQ – Spiritual Quotient

IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests are famous for assessing logical, mathematical and linguistic skills. We all wish we were in that top bracket of Mensa elite who have an IQ in excess of 140 – unfortunately only 0.5% of the population make it! Developed intelligence empowers one to gather, process and analyse information effectively. The intelligent can think in abstract ways and learn from their experiences. Despite this, history shows that the intelligentsia are not always the most successful, happy and influential people in the world.

Psychologists and neuroscientists are increasingly talking about the need for Emotional Quotient (EQ). Those with high EQ’s are emotionally balanced, able to maintain composure in the chaos of life, and great at relating with people in appropriate and inspiring ways. EQ empowers the successful utilisation of IQ – people act irrationally when volatile emotions hijack their mental state. Thus, EQ measures the human side of life and our interactions with the immediate environment.

While IQ and EQ help us to function in our present situations, SQ (Spiritual Quotient) is all about ‘thinking out of the box.’ People often come to the point where they begin to question life, the universe and everything – who am I, why am I here, what is my purpose, what should I strive for, and what will make me happy? By exercising their SQ an individual can discover deeper meaning, purpose and direction in life. Often, we are busily engaged in chasing things without seriously considering whether they are necessary, fulfilling and really adding value. Our daily endeavours are usually focused on asking the question ‘how,’ but SQ is all about asking the question ‘why.’

We hope this collection of articles will stimulate your SQ and offer some ‘food for thought’ in a world that (consciously or unconsciously) yearns for fresh perspectives and newer paradigms.

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