Sponsor an offering for the Deities

Sponsor an offering for the Deities

Sponsor a meal for Krishna

Naivedya (opulent food preparations) are offered several times a day for Krishna’s pleasure. You can sponsor any of these on a day of your choice. Please choose from the list below and get in touch!

Balya Bhoga4.00 am£61
Upalya Bhoga8.00 am£41
Raj Bhoga12.00 pm£61
Vaikalika Bhoga4.00 pm£35
Sitala Bhoga6.40 pm£41
Ratrikalini Bhoga8.40 pm£41

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Frequently asked questions

Every day six offerings of food are made to the Lord. In a special kitchen, devotees prepare elaborate items, which are then offered to the Deities. The offerings are made before every arati (ceremony of worship), and maha prasadam (sanctified food) is then distributed to all the guests.