Sponsor a meal for all (prasadam seva)

Sponsor a meal for all (prasadam seva)


One of the most important and pleasing forms of giving is annadan, the sharing of food with others. It is part of one’s duty (dharma) to offer food to others. To feed devotees prasadam is an auspicious activity and one gets immeasurable spiritual benefit by feeding others.

Sponsor prasadam for residents (monks), guests, and visitors

At Bhaktivedanta Manor prasadam (sanctified food)  is distributed daily. Food is prepared by devotees in the mood of love and devotion, offered to Krishna and then served to all guests and devotees.

Mon – Fri 1.15 pm£351*
Sunday12 pm£1100*

* Prices stated are generic. Please discuss with us to find out the correct amount as they may vary based on your requirements.


Ready to sponsor Prasadam for everyone?

Please connect with us on 01923 851 008 to discuss and select your date for prasadam seva.