Dharma Pack 2023

The Dharma Pack – Helps us Re-spiritualise the society by either purchasing or sponsoring the Inner Yoga/Dharma packs (Perform the best welfare activity by spreading the transcendental knowledge)


“Academic knowledge provides information about the world, but spiritual knowledge awards us eternal liberation.” Be part of the legacy by sponsoring these Dharma Packs.

The Literature department at Bhaktivedanta Manor is trying to help restore our rich Vedic culture through this “Dharma Pack or Inner Yoga Pack,” which contains seven very important Vedic texts.

These texts contain ancient secrets which reveal how to overcome stress and anxiety for good!

It consists of 7 books on:

  • Mindful  cooking and eating.
  • Powerful and potent prayers from Srimad-Bhagavatam.
  • The essence of all the Vedas in an easy-to-follow  summary.
  • Perfect questions and perfect answers on how to get free from all troubles.
  • The secrets of mantra meditation and how to apply them for inner peace.
  • Travelling to other planets via the mind.

If you are sponsoring these packs, we are pleased to share that these will be offered to those who are not able to afford them or will be placed in various institutions such as Care Homes, Hospitals, Prisons, through The Gita Project.