Flowers to inspire

Flowers to inspire


The sight of the gardens of Bhaktivedanta Manor are the first impression that visitors and pilgrims receive upon entering the grounds. With a view to fulfilling Srila Prabhupada’s vision of developing the Manor into a replica of Vrindavan, the Manor garden team, headed by Uddhava das, work to create a beautiful atmosphere all around the Manor property.


Dwarka Puri das, Vrajnath das, Niladri Krishna das and Douglas have been beautifying the area at Bhaktivedanta Manor main building reaching from the side of the theatre, the back of the temple room and Cottage. Every spring and summer guests are greeted with an array of hanging baskets, flower pouches and troughs with a wide range of flowers including geraniums, floriferous, pansies, fuchsias and a large variety of petunias.

“We are trying to bring out the best of the English summer,” explained Dwarka Puri das, “The beauty of the flowers gives life, spirit and joy to the devotees and guests. It will uplift everyone’s consciousness.”

“Recently I overheard a local talking to another local,” added Douglas, “he said: you must go to the Bhaktivedanta Temple to see the flower displays. They are wonderful. Indeed, guests are joyful and inspired to develop something similar in their own gardens.”

“This area is adorned with exotic tropical plants”, explained Vrajnath das standing in the square enclosure outside the back of the temple room. “This area in the centre will be used for summer yajnas.”