George Harrison Evening-  20th Anniversary

November 29th was the 20th anniversary since the passing of George Harrison – celebrated musician and one-time band member of the world famous Beatles band. It could not be more befitting that on that day the George Harrison Tribute Evening was held in Bhaktivedanta Manor’s Krishna Haveli.

Organised by Sakshi Gopal das and his team, the event was both informal and devotional.

Upon arrival guests were treated to an autumnal English supper and a melodic kirtan led by Govinda das.

The evening followed with solo performances by Trilokanath das and, later on, husband and wife duet Luke and GoGo.


There were sneak previews from the third volume of Chasing Rhinos with the Swami written by early ISKCON pioneer Shyamasundar das. The final publication of Shyamasundar’s extensive memoirs will be available in the UK towards the end of 2022, and includes an account of George Harrison’s generous donation of the Manor to ISKCON.

The evening ended with the headline act – The Inner Light band, who played an hour’s worth of George songs with such proficiency and feeling that they had the audience enthralled.


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