Girl Calf born in the Farm

Girl Calf born in the Farm

This morning at approximately 7:45am, one of our cows, Daya,  gave birth to a new strong and healthy baby girl calf at New Gokul Farm. (24/11/2022)

This is the mother’s first born, and she was seen to be immediately doting over the baby, lovingly and profusely licking and washing her and proudly showing her off to all who visited.

Within 10 minutes the baby was up on her feet and after only 1 hour she had taken to her mothers teat and was drinking milk with a look of pure pleasure and contentedness.

Arriving in May of 2022, Daya herself is relatively new to the herd. She was purchased from a farm in Lancashire and as a result Daya and her generations to come will now have a safe and loving home here at the manor.

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