Gita Competition for Kids

Gita Competition for Kids

Welcome to the Gita Competition 2022

This year, the theme is Chapter 14 (The Modes of Material Nature). The competition is open to all and as in previous years entrants can take part in one or both competitions.

Drawing Competition

In this chapter, Krishna summarise the modes of material nature with Arjuna.  Choose a verse or combination of verses, use your artistic talents and share with us your understanding.

Expressive art competition

Again, select a verse or combination of verses, use your imagination and share your understanding, using any of the following formats:

a. Poem
b. Song
c. Dance
d. 3D Model – this can be edible or non-edible

Entries should be videoed along with a short explanation outlining

i) Why you selected the verse/s and
ii) Why the format you chose was the best method of presentation

Deadline for entries is 31st December.

Results will be announced on 8th January 2023

Entries will also take into account age and divided into three age groups

– 0 – 7 years
– 8 – 12 years
– 13+

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