The ISKCON 2023 Global Law Conference

The ISKCON 2023 Global Law Conference

The Law Department of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its third annual Global Law Conference. The Conference, held at the Bhaktivedanta Manor in London, UK, brought together a diverse audience of 50 devotee attorneys, and those in the provision of legal services from 23 countries across six continents. Their shared mission was to explore the role of law in serving ISKCON. His Grace Anuttama Prabhu, GBC Member and Minister for Communications, and His Grace Praghosa Prabhu, GBC Emeritus, both attended and participated in the event.

The Conference coincided with the temple’s 50th Anniversary and the Conference participants received a warm welcome by Her Grace Visakha Devi Dasi, the temple president. Led by ISKCON General Counsel His Grace Devakinandan Das from Singapore, the three-day Conference featured legal presentations on ISKCON-related topics, sumptuous prasadam, devotee association, a visit to the famed Soho Street Temple, ecstatic harinam, and a theater play. The host,organizer, and Managing Director of the Law Department, Vinay Tanna, worked hard to manage all aspects of the Conference and received support from a dedicated team of 40 volunteers, who ensured the success of the Conference through their administrative and on-the-ground assistance.


The ISKCON Law Department was established in 2018 under the guidance of His Grace Guru Gauranga Das, a devoted servant of ISKCON for over three decades. His relentless efforts have included litigation to protect ISKCON properties. Addressing the Conference participants, ISKCON General Counsel Devakinandan Das emphasized the importance of being a devotee-attorney rather than an attorney-devotee. He highlighted the role of upcoming lawyers in safeguarding and strengthening ISKCON, stressing that these conferences are essential for nurturing a growing department that will serve ISKCON for future generations.

The conference program included a wide range of expertise and areas of law.

  • The Work of the ISKCON Law Department by HG Devakinandan Das
  • Attorneys’ Role in Protecting ISKCON by HG Guru Gauranga Das
  • Protecting ISKCON Assets by Siva Shankara Das
  • Abide by The Law of the State for Taking Advantage of Performing Kirtana by HG Praghosa Das
  • The role of ISKCON’s Judicial System in Forging the Way Forward by HG Champakalata Devi Dasi
  • The Lawyer and Trusted Leader by HG Loka Devi Dasi
  • The role of ISKCON’s Judicial System in Forging the Way Forward by HG Champakalata Devi Dasi
  • Rights of Nature and the Doctrine of Personalism in Bhakti Yoga, by HG Gaura Nitai Das
  • Our Role in Keeping ISKCON Together by HG Akshay Ramchandra Das
  • ISKCON Intellectual Property, Legal Protection and Brand Reputation by Leon Fernando Del Canto
  • Transparency and Responsibility: Navigating Mandatory Reporting Requirements in Religious Settings by Govinda Lilamrita Devi Dasi

The ISKCON Law Department extends its heartfelt appreciation to all those involved in making the Conference a resounding success, including Sukesi Devi Dasi, Govinda Lilamrta Devi Dasi and Meera Mataji, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to manage logistics.

The Conference organizers are already considering the next year’s Conference, which is expected to take place in New York, USA.