Sponsor an Arati

Sponsor an Arati

Sponsor an arati ceremony

You can sponsor any of these seven aratis on a day of your choice. A special donor’s board in reception will display the names of the sponsors.

Mangala Arati4.30 am£31
Darshan Arati7.00 am£25
Dhupa Arati8.15 am£21
Raja Bhoga Arati12.30 pm£31
Dhupa Arati4.20 pm£21
Sandhya Arati7.00 pm£31
Shayan Arati9.00 pm£25

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Frequently asked questions

The arati ceremony is part of the public worship of the Deities. It is conducted in a traditional style dating back thousands of years. Lamps and fragrant incense are offered, along with flowers, a peacock fan, and other items. To mark the beginning and end of the ceremony, a conch shell is blown.