University Retreat success

University Retreat success

Over 108 Students attend the “sPiRiTuAl RIOT” University Retreat on a bright winter’s day. The KC Soc group comprises over 20 Universities across the country – and are growing – the most recent addition being in Bath!

At the ‘Spiritual Riot’ Retreat in November, students from as far as Sheffield, Plymouth, Nottingham, Sounthampton, UCL, City, Leicester, Portsmouth, Brunel, to name but a few, all managed to beat morning blues with the view to spiritually riot!
The action packed day included <in order!>, an introduction to the beautiful Deities that reside at Bhaktivedanta Manor, ‘EnergiZing Power Yoga’, interactive workshop on ‘Swagger – Make it…don’t fake it!’. Veggie Steady Cook had all students mix puri dough, roll puris and decorate cakes 4 different ways – certainly a sight for sore eyes! Before lunch everyone took part in the extraordinary experience of milking and feeding cows.

After a yummy lasagne and winter soup lunch there was an action packed and energy fuelled workshop: ‘LOST – a SURVIVAL special’ which included a fun packed team activity! The final Mantra session had everyone on their feet dancing the evening away, voted the BEST activity by over 95% of students!

Spiritual Riot was by far the biggest and the best retreat in the long history of KcSocs…It will certainly take some beating!  Next retreat – mark it in your i-phone diary Feb 25th AND Nov 3rd 2012!
People from all backgrounds and walks of life come to KC Socs to learn about the Vedic philosophy and culture of ancient India. The sessions prove to be exciting and inspiring for everyone that comes along.
Presidents of the societies are considered to be true ‘Spiritual Warriors’ and leaders-in-training.  Not only do they juggle their studies, exams, part-time work, family and social obligations, but they all make time to organise weekly sessions, special events, festivals and retreats as well. We would like to take the opportunity to thank every single one of them for their tireless and dynamic efforts in the last term and we look forward to working with them in the next one.  Thank you to all those involved!

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