A Spiritual Revolution Retreat

A Spiritual Revolution Retreat

A day full of laughter, music and wisdom.

The School of Bhakti Community team hosted a retreat for those curious about spiritual life. The retreat was an immense success! They learned intimate details about the Manor and the life of Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, from the President – Visakha Dasi. They learned about its history as they explored the stunning temple grounds, followed by combing and feeding the cows in the cow sanctuary. If that is not all, they had a drumming workshop Jayadev das and a relaxing meditation session!

A family with their four year old son said: “I am Stacie’s partner and along with Bowie, we all had just an amazing day! Bowie said it was his ‘bestest day ever!’We are incredibly grateful to all those who attended and look forward to hosting you again soon!”


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