“Bow Down Mister, Hare Rama Hare Krishna!”

“Bow Down Mister, Hare Rama Hare Krishna!”

Famous singer Boy George, veteran pop group The Rubettes, devotees and others performed their best hits at the Bhaktivedanta Manor’s Haveli to raise money for the ISKCON’s Inisrath Temple in Northern Ireland.

When Boy George was asked if he would take part in Bhaktivedanta Manor’s charity show in support of Inis Rath Hare Krishna Island, Boy George replied immediately, saying “I’m in. I need Krishna’s light!”.

The entire concert was organised by Jayadev das, who also supported everyone on stage and delivered an incredible performance with The Rubettes as well as his own material.

Boy George’s set included his most relevant hits “Bow Down Mister” and “Karma Chameleon.”