Avanti Foundation acquires Branston Hall

The Avanti Foundation is pleased to announce its acquisition of Branston Hall, Lincoln, as part of its continued development of well-being and educational resources. The fifty-roomed heritage estate, including a lake and 75 acres of grounds, much of which is arable, will host residential retreats and other events based on Krishna conscious teachings and practice. The aim is to become the country’s leading retreat venue for spiritual nourishment and education and will work in collaboration with and as a natural next step for various projects linked with the Manor, such as School of Bhakti, Kirtan London, Avanti Schools Trust, OMNOM and so on. The purchase has been funded by a most generous donation from Vedanta Resources Limited.

Mr Anil Agarwal, Executive Chairman of Vedanta, said, “We are delighted to have been able to contribute to this ground-breaking initiative. We are convinced that this facility will be a great national resource for promoting well-being and education for all ages.” The facility is currently undergoing refurbishment and will be open for bookings from January 2022. Avanti Foundation are looking for volunteers to help with the refurbishment and also in developing the farming and sustainability aspects of the project.

You can contact Avanti Foundation here if you are interested: https://avanti.org/contact/