Boathouse Exhibition

Boathouse Exhibition

The renovated boathouse at the back of Bhaktivedanta Manor’s scenic lake, is home to a lovely new exhibition organised by the Ladies’ ashram. Residents, regulars and guests alike can stroll inside and learn about the history of the Manor’s buildings, including before and since 1973 (when it became an ISKCON temple).

The exhibits also include interesting facts about the history of the community and some of the exciting things that have happened.

The boathouse exhibition is in such a beautiful setting, that it is worth a visit even for that!

Openings times are 9am  – 6pm every day

Trainee nurses when the Manor (then Piggot’s Manor) was a nursing college run by St Barts (photo 1962)

Srila Prabhupada with his disciples on the Manor’s front lawn (1973)