Stable Block Redevelopment

Stable Block Redevelopment

Over the course of the coming months, the stable block at Bhaktivedanta Manor is undergoing a redevelopment to improve the resident facilities upstairs, as well as revamp the current gift shop and create a new eatery and spiritual bookshop on the ground floor.

This will serve the community and visitors by giving the space some much needed care and attention, allowing for improved usage for the community and opportunities to better serve everyone.

The stable block has in the past been used as a school, bakery, main kitchen for prasadam and still currently functions as a gift shop. However, over the last few years, the building is in disrepair and in need of significant remedial works.

Gift Shop

The new and improved gift shop that will cater to a wider visitor audience, with the aim to improve visitor experience and offer greater variety and quality of items on offer for the community. Showcasing ISKCON culture – Dress, Beads, Japa Mala, Instruments, Paraphernalia, Deities and branded goods (Incense, candles, etc).


A casual dining experience giving a nice opportunity for guests to discover the temple and eat prasadam. With the aim to complement the Manors’ peaceful surroundings. The eatery will provide an alternative offering to our current eatery in the Haveli.

Help create a new Spiritual Bookshop

This area will be crafted to foster serene reflection and intimate conversations, aiming to promote the reading of Srila Prabhupada’s books by ensuring they’re accessible to all. Resembling a library, this bookshop will offer a diverse range of sections, encompassing Srila Prabhupada’s publications, works by other devotees, study guides, children’s literature, culinary resources, and artistic expressions.

£250,000 is required to make this spiritual bookshop a reality. Click HERE to sponsor or contact or call 01923851008.

Help create better facilities for the new residents (men and women)

When people decide to take on the Be A Monk challenge, or join the ashram for the first time, they are housed in the upstairs area of the stable block, where living facilities are provided. We wish to use this opportunity to fix what needs fixing, and create an improved space for the new residents.

£100,000 is required for the Ladies living area, and £100,000 is required for the Men’s living area. Click HERE to sponsor to or contact or call 01923851008.

Why Support Bhaktivedanta Manor’s Refurbishment?

  • Preserving Spiritual Heritage: Your contribution will help us preserve the rich spiritual heritage of Bhaktivedanta Manor, ensuring that it remains a sanctuary for seekers of all backgrounds.
  • Enhanced Visitor Experience: The refurbished spaces will offer an enhanced experience for visitors, providing them with serene environments for meditation, learning, and spiritual growth.
  • Community Empowerment: By revitalising our Eatery, temple gift shop, and bookshop, we will create opportunities for local artisans, authors to showcase their talents and products, thereby supporting the growth of our community.
  • Educational Outreach: The upgraded facilities will enable us to expand our residential educational outreach programs, including our popular ‘Be a Monk Challenge’

“Along with the restaurants there can be “Bhaktivedanta Reading Room’’ where all my books can be kept, and people can come and sit comfortably and read. The people will like these restaurants and reading rooms. They will take them as non-sectarian.” –  Srila Prabhupada, Letter to Subhavilasa — Mayapur 16 March, 1977