Celebrating 20 years of Sunday night kirtan

20 years ago there was not much going on in the Manor’s Temple room after 7.30pm on Sundays evenings. But ceasing young potential, Pranabandhu das encouraged Bharti, Ujjvala, Nimai Sundar, Vijay and Aditi to start regular kirtans at that time.

“We came together in our teens, we grew up together and it matured into a ‘spiritual kirtan family,’” explained Nimai Sundar.

“The kirtans were a spiritual recharge to help everyone through each week, year after year,” added Ujjvala. It was their special time with Krishna, time with the Holy Name.”

Bharti explained “We were inspired by Siva Rama Swami, Madhava and of course Pranabandhu prabhu. The idea is to make the melody simple so everyone can join in.”

The core group made sure not a single Sunday was missed and other great kirtaneers took part as the years rolled by. The team are now encouraging a new generation to participate with a sense of commitment, as they themselves did 20 years ago.

Nima Sundar concluded “We take part in other kirtan groups too, there’s a cross-over. But whatever kirtan you participate in, whether Sundays, Fridays or whatever the plea is that everyone should come together as a family and sing for Radha Gokulananda. Everyone is welcome.”