Good Gone Bad: Navigating Moral Transgressions with Chaitanya Charan Das

Good Gone Bad: Navigating Moral Transgressions with Chaitanya Charan Das

Course Description

What do we make of situations when we experience hurt inflicted by those we consider good people? When faced with pain caused by friends or family members, individuals whom we trust and typically don’t expect to harm us – how do we navigate such complex situations?

To what extent do we engage in introspection to better understand the situation and the lessons we may need to take away, or to grasp their motivations particularly when there’s suspicion of deliberate intent? This inquiry encompasses several key themes and this interactive seminar will cover:

·       How do we grapple with unfair treatment, even in its most severe forms, and to what degree should we attribute it to our past karma?
·       How can we discern Krishna’s influence in our challenging circumstances?
·       Does Krishna advocate for forgiveness and moving on, or does He prompt us to pursue justice?”

This one day promises to be captivating, thought-provoking, and conducive to deep reflection. It aims to uncover blind spots while engaging participants in an intriguing exploration of moral transgressions in our lives and will be led by a very knowledgeable and expert speaker.

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Teacher Profile

Chaitanya Charan is a monk, teacher and world-renown spiritual author. Seeing the prevailing problems of stress, depression, addiction and overall misdirection in society, he felt inspired to dedicate his life to the purpose of sharing spiritual wisdom. He travels all over the world from Australia to America, making presentations in a multitude of forums. He has addressed audiences in universities such as Princeton, Harvard, Stanford and Cambridge and companies such as Intel, Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

Chaitanya Charan is also a prolific writer, having authored 25 books and written over 5000 articles. His literary contributions have been published and recognised in many Indian national newspapers including Indian Express, Economic Times and Times of India.

If all this is not enough, He is the author of twenty-five books some of which are:

· Energy – Your Sutra for Positive Thinking

· Science and Spirituality

· The Spiritual Scientist series, volumes 1 and 2

· 10 Leadership Sutras from the Bhagavad Gita

· Inner Change

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Date14 July
Duration1 session (Sunday)
Time9.30 am – 4.00 pm
Event FeeFree
ModeOnsite at Bhaktivedanta Manor
TeacherChaitanya Charan Das

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