Compassionate Listening

Compassionate Listening

Ever thought about what are the key ingredients to having the best relationship with another person?

One of them is definitely being a good listener.

The Power of Listening is an invaluable skills workshop to enable us to become better listeners thereby improving our relationship with others. Based on examples from scripture, Nandarane will guide students to explore what the wise sages say about listening to others and how it is the key to becoming more sensitive and empathetic in your dealings with others.

The strategies of compassionate listening involve:

  • how to develop unconditional love
  • not judging others, rather validating what they are going through
  • acceptance of others
  • giving others the opportunity to get clarity in their thinking thus giving them hope, purpose and direction
  • learning to draw healthy boundaries when listening is draining and toxic

It is a beautiful art to be able to really listen with compassion and love and will no doubt help you become more compassionate and a better person in any relationship.

Join us in this dynamic course where we will be amalgamating spiritual philosophy with an action-centric mindset.

About the teacher

Nandarane is no stranger to the realities of living, working, and succeeding in the modern world. Throughout her journey, the spiritual insights of the scriptures have navigated her through just about everything and convinced her that forgiveness is an essential skill and mindset to acquire for one’s personal and spiritual success.

Failing to forgive, even the smallest of hurts can short-change us from the life that we deserve.

As a professional coach, Nandarane empowers leaders to transform organisations by putting people before projects. She has a background in educational leadership, and judicial law and incorporates advanced counseling, NLP, and metaphysical techniques in her professional and spiritual work. She was awarded the prestigious title of Farmington Scholar at the University of Oxford in 1999. Her research work highlighted the positive psychological and spiritual impact of the Bhagavad-Gita’s universal teachings – relevant to everyone, religious or otherwise.

Nandarane takes periodical breaks from her career to dive deeper into the secrets of the ancient Vedic scriptures, staying in ashrams and spiritual communities across India. She is an avid writer whose poetry supplies food for thought and nourishment to the soul! Nandarane’s discursive and interactive style of teaching is aimed at equipping every individual to live a more purposeful, fulfilling, and happier life.

Date7 Jul – 14 Jul
Duration2 sessions (Sundays only)
Time10am – 1pm
Event Fee£30
ModeOnsite only at Bhaktivedanta Manor
TeacherNandarane Dasi

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