Krishna Wisdom Mystic India trip 2023

Krishna Wisdom Mystic India trip 2023

Radha Govinda das and Kishori Yogini dasi took a group of 23 seekers  around South India to explore the deep spiritual culture, ancient temples and majestic elephants with a focus on the timeless practise of Bhakti Yoga, devotion to Lord Krishna. From Udupi, to the beautiful forest of Coorg and then to the city of Mysore in time for Diwali!

The Krishna Wisdom department of Bhaktivedanta Manor focuses on delivering spiritual experiences and developing lasting friendships with individuals completely new to traditional Indian culture. If you know someone who would benefit from this initiative, please email:

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A poem by Chandrika, “Mystic India”:

The journey began with
excitement and fervour,
each one new to the other
but not quite a stranger,

The love just poured
from everyone, like
the rivers that flowed,
the smooth white sands
the choppy waves in the sea,
so much fun we all had,

The sunset showed the beauty of nature, the kirtans continued to touch my soul,
as tears just rolled down my eyes,
the high mountains we reached ,
the scenery took our breath away,
the greenery around us
calmed our hearts and filled us
with serenity,

The divine temples and the history
took us back to ancient times,
the darkness within us awakened by the hundreds of candles that lit and brought
light within us, the ringing of the bells
awakened each and every dormant cells,

We felt like kings and queens surrounded
by the palace, it felt time stood still, yet years have passed by, where has time gone,

Mystic India took us far and wide,
the winding roads, the pure air,
each step we took and climbed filled us with gratitude, love and support , enjoying the journey to reach our goal,

The beauty of India, a banyan tree, the beautiful gardens or fountains, be it the cheeky monkeys, or the intelligent elephants, so blessed the land where cows roam freely with their calves and worshipped with love,

All were so content, the food served,
so yummy and satisfied our
tummies with no limit,
so blessed were we all that
no sickness took away our fun, the sun
so bright and our skin felt smooth,

There was not a moment of feeling lonely, the leaders were so kind and smiled, in
moments of stress each one held the
other together, so much peace and happiness within ,

Krishna held my hand and gave me the experience of Mystic India in its finest form,
The trip came to an end, but a new
relation formed, the separation of the group yet knitted together and never to be forgotten,

Now each one is heading back to their lives,
as our soul continues its journey of experience, surely we will meet again,
only a short time we were together but memories will last a lifetime.

Mystic India, thank you for being a guide
to those who could never have walked this
path without you…