Devotional Dramas at the Manor

Devotional Dramas at the Manor

Bhaktivedanta Manor and its huge community has always been a haven for the arts and indeed many types of service.

Drama in particular has been an important feature of so many festivals and other special occasions, bringing devotional themes to life in  fun and educational ways.

The Manor been been notably blessed with many drama groups, starting in the 1970’s with Bhumadeva das and his crew, then Caitanya’s Instant Theatre (CiT). By 1985 emerged the Bhaktivedanta Players and since the 1990s, the Pandava Sena. Today, as well as those groups, there is now the Gurukul, the Junior Bhaktivedanta Players, the Men’s ashram and most recently the Manor Youth Players have taken to the stage.

The Ladies’ ashram have also performed many great dramas. Not least their delightful recent performance in the Temple room, of The Ramayan. Enjoy the photos: