The Manor’s beautiful gardens

  • By Narahari Rupa das, Bhaktivedanta Manor’s Head Gardiner:

Although the garden staff are busy keeping Bhaktivedanta Manor gardens in top shape all year round, summer time is especially wonderful. This year in particular, it has been a real pleasure to see guests return, and enjoy walking around the gardens and finding peaceful spots to connect spiritually and chant Japa. 

As the UK came out of lockdown we were able to invite our volunteers back, and we had many fun seva days, tidying up various areas around the Manor grounds. We are thankful to the wonderful members of the community who have come and removed weeds from paths, raked leaves around the lake, litter picking after festivals and so much more. 

Apart from all the beautiful flowers found in the gardens, we also grow lots of flowers over summer which are used on the alter and to make garlands for the Deities. 

This autumn visitors may see some of our team pruning the trees in the orchard or along the roadside maintaining the hedges.

As colder seasons approach, they will be busy keeping paths clear of leaves and branches, so visitors and residence can continue to enjoy activities around the temple grounds, and keeping roads and paths safe in icy conditions. 

In all seasons, much beauty and peace can be found in Srila Prabhupadas garden, George Harrison memorial garden and along the Bhagavat Gita walk which takes you around the lake.