100k ‘Hare Krishna’ prasadam cookies

Over 100k ‘Hare Krishna’ prasadam cookies are being shared at Russell Brands ‘33’ tour across the UK.  

Delighted audience members have been entering leading auditoriums across the UK, (Eventim Apollo, O2 Manchester and the Ashton Gate Stadium in Bristol to name but a few!) and surprised with the gift of prasadam!

Members from Bhaktivedanta Manors Patron Council, OMNOM, Avanti Foundation, Pandava Sena and Pandava Sena Alumni are leading this exciting project that has run for well over 7 years and are on their way to serving over 1 million! 

This unique partnership, combined with enthusiasm of UK congregation members, Hare Krishna Prasadam is being served in every UK town and village!

“It’s such a wonderful service  – the Hare Krishnas are providing delicious prasadam, are a part of a wonderful and dynamic show and sharing the essence of the Hare Krishna experience with UK households across the country” Shashi Kala – Chief Cookie Baker