Optimising your Fertility with Ayurveda

Optimising your Fertility with Ayurveda

Course Description

An entire branch of Ayurveda has been devoted to the science of fertility. Not only is optimising fertility recommended for ensuring you conceive, but it is equally important to help support a healthy child, healthy pregnancy and post natal recovery. In this seminar we will look at why pre-conception was given so much focus, what the samhitas recommended, how astrology and samskaras play a role, what you can do to help optimise your fertility.

Teacher Profile

Having started her journey with a degree in Biomedical Sciences and Neuroscience from King’s College London, Ananga Sakhi went on to gain a 1st class degree in Ayurvedic Studies. Her thirst for knowledge did not stop there as she continued to broaden her knowledge base and was awarded a Distinction for her Nutritional therapy diploma, became a certified Yoga Teacher, completed a number of FunctionalMedicine courses, became a plant based chef and continues to enrol in numerous postgraduate courses.

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Date9 June
Duration1 session (Sunday)
Time2pm – 5pm
Event Fee£15
ModeOnsite at Bhaktivedanta Manor
TeacherAnanga Sakhi Dasi

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