Manor Garden Report

Manor Garden Report
As anyone who gardens knows, the end of winter and beginning of spring can be a harsh time weather-wise. Despite multiple ‘big freezes’ and gloomy weather, Bhaktivedanta Manor’s garden team, alongside devotee volunteers and WWOOFers have been working hard outside.
Throughout the winter they have collected fallen leaves to keep the roads and drains clear. These leaves are then used as mulch in the Manor’s various gardens or composted for later use. They have removed some older trees around the property, which had become dangerous. Prema das finished off the drainage stream to prevent the driveway from flooding following very wet weather. They have also been preparing the gardens and polytunnels for the growing season, keeping the roads and paths safe in icy conditions.
Over the last three months they have also planted over 300 trees, such as Rowan, Oak, Silver Birch, Hazel and Wild Cherry, throughout the grounds. These trees were kindly donated by Delrow House and eager volunteers managed to plant them all in just 2-days! They were also given a huge donation of shrubs and flowering bulbs by the local charity Gratitude: Bluebells, Tulips of many varieties, Hyacinths, Daffodils, Iris, Crocus and Allium bulbs.
As the weather warms up, visitors will notice these spring beauties along the driveway and in various areas around the Manor. In total they managed to plant over 10,000 bulbs and 500 shrubs and  plants.
“The garden team would like to again thank all who helped out over the past few months, and we look forward to working on some more  projects with our enthusiastic volunteers, in hopefully, some warmer weather! Hare Krishna!” exclaimed Head Gardener Narahari Rupa das.