Bhadra Purnima

Bhadra Purnima

Bhadra Purnima – Friday 29th September

It is our great privilege to present to you the Graam Vidya Daan campaign. Graam means “village”, Vidya means “spiritual knowledge” and Daan means “charity”. So Graam Vidya Daan means giving spiritual knowledge in charity to villages.
We are excited to make available the opportunity of preserving the great Vedic culture of our villages of India. Please go through this presentation to see how you can become involved.

How the Graam Vidya Daan campaign works

How a village in Gujarat has been affected by Gram Vidya daan


We have set up a great collaboration arrangement with our team in India. Once your sponsorship is received our team in India will make arrangements for your sponsored set to be place in a deserving village. This will be done either at a particular home, village community hall or a school.