Food for All provide much needed help in Turkey

Food for All provide much needed help in Turkey

There is currently a Food For All emergency mission operating in Turkey, where devotees are distributing hot vegetarian meals with those affected by the devastating earthquakes.

On the first day they fed hundreds of orphans and then they moved camp to the Football Stadium in Adiyaman, which is accommodating 18,000 refugees.

Director of Food for All Parasurama das said: “There is no water and even the buildings that have not fallen down are too dangerous to go back into so a lot of people are huddling around fires outside with just blankets. Here in Turkey it is minus five degrees at night. We are cooking daily for the rescue workers, police and army plus 1,200 refugees who are living in tents. We are also making up food parcels and bottles of drinking water.

“There are hundreds of countries bringing aid, but affected area is huge. There’s a lot more to be done.”

Food for All have already met with 15 charities eager to distribute their meals to those most in need. They have also arranged to provide lunch once a day to emergency services, leaving them cooking non-stop in shifts. Unsurprisingly, the charity is received much local appraisal.

The 20 devotees who make up the operating team thank everyone who has supported them, including Watford school children who raised £4,200.


Magnitude 7.8 and 7.5 quakes struck nine hours apart in the south-east of the country and Syria on February 6th.