New Baby Calf at New Gokul Farm

New Baby Calf at New Gokul Farm

We’re excited to inform you of the birth of a new baby boy calf at New Gokul Farm, named Chakra.

He was born at around 3:45am on Tuesday, 20 September 2022 to Sitadevi. He has been doing well and has been given milk from his mother.

More about his family:
This is Sita’s first baby and so although she is very soft and gentle with the baby, she is very very protective and quite jittery when people try to approach.

The new boy, Chakra, is the son of Govinda and Sita, the grandson of Gangotri and Hari and the great grandson of Aditi. His sisters are Vrndavani and Gita and his Aunty is Anasuya.

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